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IT Services

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Do you currently have IT Service Provider?

Does your current IT Services provider do these things?

Are they providing you services with quick response time? or giving you tough time whenever you get into trouble?

How a well responsive IT Service provider can benefit your Business?

Wondering where to start from?

How does PCSN help your business to grow when you get :

*20 Minute Response Time

*“One Touch”

*Proactive Action before “Break/Fix”

* Reporting and Active Communication

20 Minute Response Time

From the time you send in a ticket, PCSN’s average response time is 20 minutes. The response is our trained technician getting back to you about your issue. They will communicate with you next steps or get with you via remote session or phone to resolve that ticket.

“One Touch”

At PCSN, we believe in “One Touch” resolution method. The technician assigned to your issue will provide IT Support until complete resolution of the ticket! Even if they cannot resolve your issue and require help from our partners like Microsoft, that technician will be there every step of the way until it is completed to your satisfaction.

Proactive Action before “Break/Fix”

Through proactive solutions, PCSN will give recommendations to solve problems before they arise. Often other IT Services providers might fix something on a ticket then leave you in the dark and ignore larger problems. PCSN works with you to budget and implement needed changes on a quarterly plan. We plan about 1.5 years out and this includes budget numbers.

Reporting and Active Communication

PCSN can provide detailed reporting about your IT Services, including age of hardware, status of warranties and other critical information! PCSN also has a monthly Technology Alignment Manger meeting and quarterly Chief Information Officer meetings to discuss YOUR business in depth to help it grow with our innovative IT Services.