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Cyber Security Services
AICPA SOC IT Services for Small Business in Texas


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Looking to Secure from Cyber Attacks?

Don’t delay! Call PCSN today to remediate your situation! Every second counts after a Cyber Security attack. If you wait too long, you could be exposing your business further to:

  • Computer virus replicating and infecting your entire infrastructure
  • Spyware documenting your business’s every move
  • Ransomware threatening your data
  • Hackers exploiting an all-access pass to your network

Not sure if you are secure?

Is your current provider doing enough?

Wondering how your data can be better protected?

How does PCSN protect your business from Cyber Security attacks?

Cyber Security is all about prevention and contingency planning

* Cyb3r-X

* Data Backup and Retrieval

* Dedicated Equipment

* Employee Training


CyberX is a powerful SOC (Security Operation Center) stack that has a 24/7 dedicated team of security engineers and remediation specialist that constantly monitor, update, and proactively look for markers of a Cyber Security attack, prevent or eliminate it. Cyb3r-X software will be on every computer, server, and endpoint that your business has and provides 100% coverage to keep your business safe! With instantaneous auto remediation and escalation to a real human, our detection and block rate is at 100% for a reason.

Data Backup and Retrieval

PCSN provides ways to back up your data and your systems nightly via a secure protocol to either a dedicated appliance, to the cloud or both. No matter what happens, your important data will be stored somewhere that can’t be easily erased and is simple to restore should the unthinkable occur. Remember to always assume breach and this concept keeps improving our service. We need to stay ahead of the bad guys, we have to evolve faster and better than them!

Dedicated Equipment

Most businesses use the common equipment given to them by their internet provider. Such devices are easy targets as hackers are more familiar with how they work and know the vulnerabilities they have. PCSN will set up secure enterprise grade equipment that has greater control over how to administer your connection to the outside world and each device is tailored to each clients’ network.

Many businesses also don’t have an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). The IPS works to fill in vulnerabilities that firewalls on routers have and stop Cyber attacks if they make it past the firewall. Remember, security is like an onion, the more layers to peel the better. You want hackers to get frustrated and move on to easier targets!

Employee Training

All the equipment in the world won’t matter if an employee is tricked into giving up their credentials and a hacker logs in with valid information. We can provide ongoing training to help employees recognize “social engineering” attempts, like phishing, baiting, spear phishing, and pretext so they are better prepared. The training we offer is not the same boring videos that no one wants to watch. Our training videos are based on real life incidents and are engaging to where users actually want to watch them because they are fun and educational!