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Go to the Cloud!

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Why the Cloud?

What even is the cloud and how can it help your business?

Simply put, Cloud computing is when data, computing, processing is done solely through the internet and the system can scale up or down as your business demands change. What benefits does your business get out of this?

Not sure why Cloud Computing is beneficial for you?

Wondering where to start from?

How does PCSN help your business to implement Cloud Computing?

* No Physical Hardware


* Security

* Work from Anywhere!

No Physical Hardware

Getting a physical server was once the only way to store large amounts of data. When you store your data on the Cloud or on a hosted server, there is no physical loud, noisy server that will age quickly and hamper performance requiring major investment in upgrades every 2-3 years!


Since all the infrastructure is in the Cloud, everything can easily and instantly be scaled up and down as your business needs. As your business grows, so does the technology. There aren’t as many limits for data storage in cloud computing like there are for physical on-premises devices.


A common misconception is that Cloud based computing is less secure than having an on-premises server. But in fact, you get increased security because a lot of the Cloud services are managed or provided by a big technology company that you’ve heard of like Microsoft or Amazon. On top of that, PCSN will implement tested security measures and processes to ensure everything is secure! We’ve won awards for our virtual firewall and VPN appliances that allow people to connect to their cloud resources from anywhere, with any devices.

Work from Anywhere!

Got an internet connection? You can work from anywhere! More people than ever work from home. Cloud based computing is very easy to access real time as long as your internet is working. You can now run Windows applications from your iPAD!