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One Stop Shop for All Things Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and IT Services for Businesses with 20 or more users

Worried you will be hacked? Already have had a breach and need help desperately? Maybe you aren’t sure you have enough in place to stop a cyberattack? Did you know 60% of small businesses close their doors within 6 months of a cyber attack – IDAgent and INC.

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Here at PCSN we’ve been helping small businesses secure themselves and reduce IT costs since 1997. If your business has 20 to 50 network devices and you are located in Texas then we need to talk before You make a decision about technology. In the information technology’s competitive landscape just having the right people is not enough. You have to have the proper partnerships, processes and joint ventures in place. PCSN’s core is network infrastructure and over the years we’ve grown to include IP telephony and compliance solutions.

IT is not a regulated industry, so who you choose to trust the backbone of your business to matters! We publish many reports and one such report is about cloud computing that every business owner and decision maker should read before making a decision about cloud computing.

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IT Services And Consultancy

PCSN started out providing Information Technology Services back in 1997, we are proud to say that this is still our core competency.

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Virtual/Cloud Infrastructure

Whether you are looking at integrating with cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or in-house farm of x86 servers from HP, IBM or Dell, we can be your one stop IT consultancy.

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Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service (CaaS) is an IT solution that employs cloud computing to store data and manage regulatory compliance for businesses.

Working For Higher Business Growth
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Ransomeware Recovery

According to MicroTrends, 93% of Ransomware comes from phishing emails.

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Microsoft 365 Migration

Are you interested in experiencing the power of Microsoft 365?

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Cyber Security Services

PCSN provides ways to secure your data at multiple levels, on-prem or in-cloud with recovery times that fastest growing businesses demand.

Why Choose PCSN?

PCSN has something only 5% of IT Cyber Security and IT Service providers in the WORLD have! And we can help you get it too!

It’s called the SOC2 audit. We are only one of the very few Houston based providers who go through this annual audit! This audit hits 5 key areas: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy. Unlike other providers, these areas are fully audited EVERY YEAR by a world-renowned CPA practice; Baker Tilly. Every process and action we take must be fully documented for accountability proposes. It does your business no good if your provider secures your business, your financial data or your clients data only for the breach to come from your provider. To make sure that doesn’t happen at PCSN we bring in third party auditors to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s!

Transform your business through innovative technology

Technology shouldn’t be something an IT services company “keeps working”. At PCSN, we are an IT Cyber security, IT Service and Cloud Computing company with over 25 years' experience in helping businesses GROW. We work with you to provide technology that will make your business more efficient, compete better, and ultimately help your business be its best! We've helped many companies grow and then achieve the wishes of management to be acquired by a public company or a private equity (PE) firm.

Less than 20 Minute Response time with an emphasis on client interaction

On average, PCSN’s response time to a ticketed issue is less than 20 minutes! 17 minutes to be exact at the time of writing this. That isn’t just a automated answer, it is our technician getting back to you about your issue and resolving. PCSN also has a Houston-based Technology Alignment Manager who meets with you in person or virtually every month to proactively discuss your business and align your IT Cyber Security, IT services, Cloud computing needs with your business goals! Because of our streamlined process we can guarantee business results and success, this is why many customer in our Tech~Res program enjoy 50% reduction in reactive tickets and 20% reduction in IT costs on average.

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For an all in one Cyber Security, Cloud, and IT support service, call 281-402-2620 speak to someone today!