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If you’re a small business with 20-50 users, we need to talk!

Current IT service response time: 17 minutes

Here at PCSN we’ve been providing information technology (IT) services since 1997. If your business has 20 to 50 network devices and you are located in Texas then we need to talk before You make a decision about technology. In the information technology’s competitive landscape just having the right people is not enough. You have to have the proper partnerships and joint ventures in place. PCSN’s core is network infrastructure and over the years we’ve expanded with additional departments into IP Telephony and Application Development solutions. Covid19 pandemic update| If you know of any business that needs emergency support like secure remote user setup or just a quick question to run by a matter expert, we are here to help! We have the resources and are willing. Don’t worry about payments, we will get through this together and emerge stronger than ever! Contact us by calling 281-402-2620 or fill out this form. IT is not a regulated industry so who you choose to trust the backbone of your business to matters! We publish many reports and one recent report is about cloud computing. Every business owner and decision maker should read this report before making a decision about cloud computing. Here’s what some of our customers’ have to say:

Scott Patenaude, COO & President, Horn Solutions, Inc., Dallas, TX

“Horn Solutions, Inc. has an aggressive expansion plan growing into new markets. We’ve come to rely on PCSN to not only provide the seamless connectivity to the main office but also to setup and configure the connections to the cloud where all the infrastructure for computing resides. For our Dallas office PCSN has provided excellent support when needed remotely or onsite. The PCSN process makes sure our intellectual property is safe and secure. On top of this PCSN provides ongoing guidance to in-house network admin as it pertains to security and design of the network.”

"Dallas Office Setup and Support"

Garland Kerr, Partner, Werlein Harris PC

"Werlein Harris PC has been using PCSN’s services for over 10 years. We started with in-house email server and switched to cloud email after PCSN’s recommendation. This has not only made the system more reliable but at the same time has taken away the need to maintain a lot of infrastructure that goes along with it. Ultimately, we have reduced our costs by about $25,000 annually just by moving email system to the cloud. Now all users are always on the latest version of Office suite and down-time is unheard of. When we do need help, we know we can count on PCSN’s turn-around of less than 30 minutes!"

“Cloud Has Been Worry Free”

Scott Fletcher, Owner, Scott Fletcher Law

“A friend of mine referred PCSN to me when I was planning to start a new law firm.  After working at large firms for decades, I needed someone I could rely upon to set up and manage my IT systems.  PCSN provided the system design, guidance, and implementation that was a perfect fit for my small business. We saved more than $15,000 on the phone system and server infrastructure and have had no reliability issues.  I was particularly pleased with PCSN’s quick response time, coordination with third party vendors, and knowledge of technical details needed for integration.  With PCSN’s help, I was able to spend more time focused on starting my new business without getting mired in IT problems.”

“PCSN Came Highly Recommended and I’m Happy to Have Such a Resource”

Jim Blackburn, Partner, Blackburn & Carter PC 

"Blackburn and Carter, PC has been using PCSN on and off for about 9 years now. Initially it was to implement and maintain IT infrastructure at the office back when cloud was only a glimmer in some providers eyes and over time we’ve engaged PCSN for several projects.   The last project was to migrate email system to Microsoft’s 365 platform. Gone are the days where we had to worry about maintaining an Exchange server in-house. The cost savings are huge and running your own Exchange server for a small business just doesn’t make sense, it’s like running your own electricity generation operation when you can simply get it from a provider. Nadeem’s team has been very responsive and even though we have IT saavy people on staff, we let PCSN do the heavy lifting and provide guidance for future planning.”

“When It Comes to Heavy Lifting of IT Systems, We Rely On PCSN” 

Jace Hodder, ArcGIS Specialist, Sustainable Planning and Design, LLC.

"Sustainable Planning and Design, LLC had a problem. The data we work with grows exponentially and adding more and more hardware to our on-premise servers adds more complexity and cost as time goes on.  We reached out to PCSN to find a better way of handling the huge amounts of data we process. Using PCSN’s suggestion of switching to Microsoft365 not only saves us over $20,000 in 5 years' time but takes away the complexity, downtime and maintenance required for on-premise infrastructure. Now our storage systems can grow with us at the rate the business grows and we don’t have to worry about data integrity or backups.  Added benefit of versioning saves a lot of time as employees can restore previous versions of files without having to escalate the task to an IT admin.”

“We Save Over $20,000 In 5 Years and Have Unlimited Storage”

Scott Patenaude, COO & President, Horn Solutions, Inc., Sugarland, TX

Horn Solutions, Inc. Outsourced it’s I.T. Services to PCSN several years ago. Over the years PCSN has consulted with us on how to best align IT with business. Some fo the growth we have experienced over past few years would not have been possible with our traditional on-premise infrastructure and the cumulative cost of investing in on-prem hardware would have cost us over $250,000 in a 5 year period. With PCSN’s cloud technology we pay a low monthly fee and we don’t have to worry about huge migration projects every 2-3 years to keep hardware and software up to date.  In addition to the compute infrastructure, cloud based phone system has also not only saved us money but allowed us to expand into additional markets without having to worry about office space, phone system and IT infrastructure.  The move to the cloud has definitely made us a nimbler company which is a bigger advantage in today's competitive landscape than just initial savings.  On top of stream lining our systems and processes, the additional benefit we got is better security and protection using cloud technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for us.”

“We Save Over $50,000 Annually” 

Matt Robinson, IT Admin d. hilton Associates, Inc., The Woodlands, TX

"We engaged PCSN to migrate us to Exchange Online a few years ago. We've since added a few other services and PCSN is our trusted advisor for I. T. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadeem and his team to anyone. Email infrastructure has a lot of moving parts and PCSN made the migration easy."

"We Save Over $230,000 Every Year!"

Jason Epps, Owner, Quikserv Corp, Houston, TX

We’ve been using PCSN for as long as I can remember. Moving our email to the cloud has saved us not only money but has also stabilized email issues that we used to have with hardware failures and internet outage. We used to have an in-house Exchange server that was getting to the end of its life and instead of upgrading, PCSN recommended we move to Office 365. Migration was seamless with no downtime and support from PCSN has been great.”

“We saved over $80,000 moving to the cloud!”

Liz Kirby, Partner, Select Insurance Markets, Houston, TX

“When PC.Solutions.Net recommended we move to cloud computing instead of spending a lot of money to upgrade our network, I was a bit concerned – but when I saw how much money we were going to save, I decided to go for it. I’m very happy we did. Not only did I not have to purchase new workstations, laptops and a server, but our licensing costs are down and employees are able to work remotely much easier. I wish I had done this sooner. Plus, PCSN’s tech support has been great. We really haven’t had any major issues, but if we do, they’re right on it, getting it resolved. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to save money on IT… and who doesn’t want to do that?”

“We Saved Over $250,000 On Our IT Costs…Amazing!”

Bill Lawrence, Bubbles Enterprises, Houston, TX

Bubbles has been using Nadeem’s company for over 5 years, actually I found him via a Microsoft referral and later found out his wife used to work for us a while back! PCSN recommended to us that we move to cloud based email and get rid of the in-house Exchange server and I’m glad we did. The overhead of maintaining an Exchange server is gone but we still have full access to the back-end systems to run our operations. I would recommend PCSN, these guys know what they are doing! Most IT techs leave a mess behind but PCSN keeps a clean environment inside and outside the network.

“Running Exchange in-house just doesn’t make sense!”

Raschid Chawdhary, Texas Richmond Corp., Houston, TX

We’ve been partners with PCSN for over 10 years now. I remember when we first engaged PCSN, we had terrible issues with computer system downtime ultimately impacting our bottom line. Systems would get infected, we couldn’t rely on the data on the servers and our managers had to be the IT specialists, it was a daily struggle. No more! Now our managers can focus on business and we don’t have to worry about servers or PCs. It’s not just about saving money but about being able to make more with less headaches.

“I focus on my business and let PCSN focus on IT”