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Healthcare changes fast

Constantly changing federal regulations.

All types and widespread use of different technologies.

Challenges with keeping data secure to prevent potential electronic health records being exposed.

All in a complicated and ever-changing environment for your patients…

Let PCSN ease your mind! Get back to managing your business!

*Secure Data Storage with HIPAA, PHI and other regulatory processes in mind!

*Slow Network and Wi-Fi

*Update and standardize your Equipment

*Upgrade into the Cloud

Secure Data Storage with HIPAA, PHI and other regulatory processes in mind!

PCSN can provide scalable Data Storage that will protect from any potential breaches. We can also provide secure back-up of all your business data for auditing and recording purposes! The services that we provide are already HIPAA compliant.

Slow Network and Wi-Fi

Are your patients and staff congesting your network to the point it is barely working at times? This can frustrate your staff and impact patient wait times. Let PCSN analyze your network and provide solutions for blazing fast network that allows guest access while keeping staff safe.

Update and standardize your Equipment

Is your staff using old or different equipment in each room or office? PCSN can schedule out with you a regular cadence that is within your budget to update or replace aging equipment.

Upgrade into the Cloud

On-premises servers are most costly to maintain and are not as flexible as cloud-based servers. Talk to us today and get your own piece of Microsoft Azure cloud!