Scott Patenaude, COO & President, Horn Solutions, Inc., Sugarland, TX

Horn Solutions, Inc. Outsourced it’s I.T. Services to PCSN several years ago. Over the years PCSN has consulted with us on how to best align IT with business. Some fo the growth we have experienced over past few years would not have been possible with our traditional on-premise infrastructure and the cumulative cost of investing in on-prem hardware would have cost us over $250,000 in a 5 year period. With PCSN’s cloud technology we pay a low monthly fee and we don’t have to worry about huge migration projects every 2-3 years to keep hardware and software up to date. 

In addition to the compute infrastructure, cloud based phone system has also not only saved us money but allowed us to expand into additional markets without having to worry about office space, phone system and IT infrastructure. 

The move to the cloud has definitely made us a nimbler company which is a bigger advantage in today’s competitive landscape than just initial savings. 

On top of stream lining our systems and processes, the additional benefit we got is better security and protection using cloud technologies that would otherwise be cost prohibitive for us.”