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Did you know Office 365 has expanded considerably over the last few months?

Sometimes it can get overwhelming to keep up with all the new features and that is why it is important to have your IT team do a review of user processes and procedures at least once a year to make sure your users are taking advantage of all the feature available to them.

In addition to all the Artificial Intelligence enhancements in Excel, Powerpoint and Word, there have been considerable advances in apps like Teams, Calendar and Stream.

December 2018

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3 Fatal Errors You’re Making By Hiring The Cheapest Computer Support Company

Somehow, 2019 is already almost upon us. In preparation for the New Year, business owners across the country are taking a close look at their finances, scratching their heads as they inspect their budgets, line by line, to cut everything that isn’t absolutely necessary and searching for new investments that will boost their bottom line. In the midst of all this, it’s vital that leaders take a long, hard look at their technology budgets. Chances are those budgets are a far cry from where they should be.

Many business owners – especially those running smaller organizations with tighter resources – assume that IT is the ideal spot to cut costs. But they forget that, today, technology is the foundation upon which their business is built. We can almost guarantee that if you partner with a cut-rate IT support company, you will sorely regret it down the line. You’ll

end up spending thousands more on broken equipment and systems, you’ll lose customers to server downtime and you may even fold completely under the weight of a cyber-attack.

The minuscule amount you’ll save by hiring a cheap support company will be vastly outweighed by the long-term cost of your decision. It is just not worth it. While looking at your budget this December, check whether you’re making one of these three potentially deadly mistakes with your IT investment. It might just save your company.

1. You’re investing in a “break-fix” approach.

This is the primary place where bargain-barrel IT support companies cut costs. Instead of proactively managing your network, your technicians hardly touch  

your network until something breaks and it’s time to fix it. Sure, this way is cheaper in the short term, but when you consider the enormous crises that can arise when something shuts down and the fact that they could easily be avoided with the foresight of a managed services provider, the true expense quickly becomes obvious. Not only will your business suffer many more tech catastrophes than they would if you partnered with a more reputable company, but those catastrophes will take significantly longer to fix. A technician who shows up only when something’s wrong simply doesn’t know your network as well as somebody who works with it all the time.

2. You’re investing in a company that doesn’t bother being proactive.

Technology shifts rapidly day by day. The arms race between hackers and security software designers is constantly happening behind the scenes, as is the hurtling pace at which hardware and software become supplanted by newer, better options. Without a managed services provider keeping you abreast of the latest tech trends, you’re both incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and at risk of falling behind your competitors. Technology shouldn’t just be something you set up and hope it doesn’t break; it should be something you and your team are actively leveraging to maximize your impact. A managed

“The minuscule amount you’ll save by hiring a cheap support company will be vastly outweighed by the long-term cost of your decision. ”

services provider is genuinely invested in your success and will do everything they can to help you do exactly that.

3. Let’s face it: you’re just underinvesting.

In order to keep your company at the top of its game, you need to invest in your technology in accordance with how vital it is to your day-to-day operations. We’re guessing that it’s pretty much essential for your success, so why are you so quick to cut corners in tech? Allocating your resources to support your technology is more than a baseline cost to stay alive in the business world – it’s an investment that can substantially increase your bottom line and amplify the reach, scope and efficacy of your operation. So, this year, as you comb through document after financial document, ask yourself: are you really doing all you can with the technology at your disposal?

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Virtualize Phones

Many small businesses are taking advantage of virtualization to enhance their voice systems and maximize return on investment.

Server rooms are becoming more and more complex, with sophisticated technologies requiring more servers and resources. In order to maximize efficiency, increase cost savings and improve operations, companies are virtualizing these systems. The option to virtualize business communications alongside other business-critical technologies results in further overall cost savings and a more simplified IT infrastructure. We have a comprehensive guide about advantages of virtualization, in summary it has following benefits:

1. Improved uptimes and disaster recovery

2. Scalability

3. Cost savings

4. Power savings and environmentally friendly

5. Simplicity and flexibility for IT

Gartner reports that companies can see a cost savings of more than 50% compared to individual server environments. Call us to get a copy of our virtualization guide and see how it can benefit your business.

90 Ways To Be Better

Would you believe that there is an organization in America today that lists 90 traits, characteristics and soft skills they want their employees to have? Well, there is. My first thought when I saw the list was, “These folks are nuts!” But, after actually reviewing the list, I changed my tune. All of them are doable and warrant our attention. Success is always all about constantly becoming a better version of ourselves. The question is: What do we have to go by? How do we grade ourselves?

If I gave you a list of things that would help make you more successful, would you do them all? Well, here is an excellent list to start with. Now all you have to do is be really honest with yourself and decide if you live by each of the listed traits.

After reviewing the list several times, you may decide you want to add to it. There’s nothing wrong with that! Personally, I would add “Be nice” to the list. In fact, I would start with that

one. But maybe they think “compassionate,” “respectful” and “empathic” cover that. I like it stated in simpler terms: be nice!

Good luck with grading yourself. The list sure does make you think. I am working on several of them right now!


Ability to compromise for the greater good    Accepts criticism constructively 
Adaptable    Analytical    Applies current best practices    Approachable    Assertive    Attentive to detail    Belief in the dignity of others    Calming    Candid 
Compassionate    Confident    Consistent    Constant learner 
Courageous    Customer-focused    Decisive    Dependable    Detail oriented    Disciplined    Discreet    Effective communication skills    Embraces change 
  Emotionally healthy   
Emotionally intelligent    Emotionally resilient    Empathetic   Energetic and enthusiastic   Ethical    Flexible    Focused    Frustration-tolerant 
Honest    Humble    Informed    Shows initiative    Innovative    Inquisitive    Displays integrity    Intelligent    Excellent interpersonal skills    Judicious    Knowledgeable    Leadership    Learns from mistakes    Level-headed    Logical    Loyal    Good memory    Moral fortitude   Motivational    Good at multitasking    Non-impulsive    Open-minded     Organized    Patient    Perceptive    Perseverant    Has perspective    Is physically fit 
Is prepared     Preserves confidentiality •  Proactive    Problem solver    Professional    Protective    Reasoning ability    Resilient    Resourceful    Respect for diversity    Respect for the individual    Respectful   Responsible    Self-motivated    Self-restraint    Good sense of humor    Sense of service to others    Skeptical    Exhibits sound judgment    Strong work ethic    Tact    Teamwork   Tolerance    Trustworthiness 
  Verbal communication skills    Written communication skills

Robert Stevenson is one of the most widely recognized professional speakers in the world. Author of the books How To Soar Like An Eagle In A World Full Of Turkeys and 52 Essential Habits For Success, he’s shared the podium with esteemed figures from across the country, including former President George H. W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Anthony Robbins, Tom Peters and Steven Covey. Today, he travels the world, sharing powerful ideas for achieving excellence, both personally and professionally.


  These Recent Phishing Attacks Can Cause Your Business Serious Harm

According to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Report, the number of reported blocked phishing attacks increased by 92% over the last year. Many of those were due to Ryuk, a variation on Hermes, the first known ransomware plague. The malware has been targeting law firms, convenience store chains, and even medical facilities, netting hackers as much as $640,000.

Then there are state-sponsored attacks hitting small businesses across America, funded by hostile governments. In addition, there has been a Facebook e-mail scam going around, masquerading perfectly as an e-mail from the massive company, but leading victims into


downloading malware. The same goes for false e-mails from FedEx, as well as Bank of America. Hackers have even begun offering false SEO services to get victims to click a link! Teach your team how to spot phishing attacks and stay vigilant. You never know when they might show up in your inbox., 9/19/ 2018

The Ugly Truth About Apps Sharing Your Kids’ Data

It’s always unsettling when apps secretly gather your data. But when it comes to apps for kids, that’s doubly true. Recently, the attorney general of New Mexico filed a lawsuit against Tiny Lab, which develops games for kids like Fun Kid Racing, and other companies, including Google and Twitter. The suit alleges that numerous applications violated

child privacy laws by tracking and sharing data for users under 13. The New York Times looked into it and found that dozens of other kid-targeted apps may be doing the same thing. Keep an eye on the apps your child is using, as well as the data they’re sharing. You don’t want them becoming a victim of this gross data-sharing., 9/15/2018

  All Great Leaders Obsess Over This One Thing

Tales abound in the news about leaders treating their employees like trash, discriminating against women or minorities, or just simply being ignorant of the policies that hurt or hinder their teams. At the core of all these problems, argues Donna Hicks, is the concept of human dignity. Her book Leading With Dignity: How to Create A Culture That Brings Out The Best In People, focuses on the core of all successful human interaction: recognizing that every human being has inherent value and worth. By creating a safe, comfortable space for their teams, being fair to the entire organization, and accepting the particularities that make their employees unique, excellent leaders create an atmosphere where everyone is allowed to be themselves. Success follows pretty easily after that., 8/6/2018

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