Virtual/Cloud Infrastructure

“We Saved Over $250,000 On Our IT Costs… Amazing!” Liz Kirby

“When PC.Solutions.Net recommended we move to cloud computing instead of spending a lot of money to upgrade our network, I was a bit concerned – but when I saw how much money we were going to save, I decided to go for it. I’m very happy we did. Not only did I not have to purchase new workstations, laptops and a server, but our licensing costs are down and employees are able to work remotely much easier. I wish I had done this sooner. Plus, PCSN’s tech support has been great. We really haven’t had any major issues, but if we do, they’re right on it, getting it resolved. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to save money on IT… and who doesn’t want to do that?” – Liz Kirby, Partner, Select Insurance Markets.

We consider ourselves the backbone to our clients’ operations and strive to provide the best-fit solutions so our clients’ can focus on their core business in the way they intended, rather than modifying their business processes to fit the restrictions of their IT investments.

Our clients’ enjoy not only fast 2 hour guaranteed response times but also, 24×7 remote monitoring from our Network Operations Center (NOC), round the clock help-desk, automated recovery of servers and major infrastructure, enhanced use of their investment by intelligently deploying virtualization and cloud technology.

We do not focus on specific manufacturers or technology but work with all major vendors so we don’t “push” specific hardware of software but find the solution that provides the most value to you, be it open or closed source.

Whether you are looking at integrating with cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or in-house farm of x86 servers from HP, IBM or Dell, we can be your one stop IT consultancy. Ask us about how our technology gives you multiple site to site and ad-hoc VPN tunnels to cloud infrastructure in Azure without additional per tunnel cost!

Before you make a decision about cloud computing, watch this video to avoid the common mistakes businesses make.