Voice Communications

Our experience and depth of knowledge in IT enables us to design and implement voice communications over existing underlying IT infrastructure. We have implemented phone systems for multi-branch offices to seamlessly connect branches together without requiring additional voice networking and using the existing resources available on the data network.

“Easy, Reliable and Seamless Phone System.”
“In the construction business, it’s critical to be able to get in touch with various parties involved in projects and be able to take calls that can be critical to complete projects on time.
PC.Solutions.Net replaced an old system with a state of the art IP based phone system that allows us to do so much more with voice. It’s not just ability to make phone calls, but having insight into what others are doing, the system being intelligent enough to know when we are open and when we are closed and being able to easily add/remove users. Now my office is where I am and not only at my desk!” – Jason Snell, Partner, LSI GC.

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